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Detectivebureau Fox Investigation

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Bankrekening nummer: 7792389
KvK: 37137027
POB: 1117

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To be of professional service, Fox Investigation uses the following procedures:

Procedure 1:

Initial interview

To get an insight regarding the wishes of the client and our capacities, an initial interview is taken after the first contact by telephone/email.

The initial interview will be at a location chosen by the client.

Procedure 2:

Written agreement

After the initial interview - with mutual approval - a written agreement will be made between parties, in which costs and duration will be defined.

Procedure 3:

Execution of the assignment

During the assignment the client (on request) will be kept informed about the developments.

Procedure 4:


After finishing the assignment, a legal report will be made, in which are mentioned:

 the results.

 the evidence (photo, film, audio).

The report will not include the methods, means and techniques that were used.

Procedure 5:

Final payment (invoice)

After finishing the assignment an invoice will be made in which is included:

 the services delivered by Fox Investigation.

 detailed summary of the working hours.

 summary of the costs that were made.